Artist Statement

The Design Museum’s 1993 exhibition, Ideal Homes, harkened to the turn of the twentieth century when the concept of a good home became predicated on acquiring good design. Its “The Back of the Kitchen Drawer” exhibit brought design objects that were marketed to the public and purchased by individuals, back on display. The owner’s testimony was included alongside the object providing insight into the relationship they developed with their thing.

I explore the concept of home through making. I think about how emotional dependence develops from using and being situated amongst material belongings. As a metalsmith, I’m invested in labor’s ability to communicate, and consider the use of materials, application of patterns, and particular techniques as physical manifestations of melancholy, failure, monotony, and routine. In the same way that personal associations with objects in the home develop from our daily or occasional interactions with them, I aim to occupy spaces in a way that is reminiscent of the feelings that we encounter within our dwellings surrounded by our things.